Find-it Names
  • Lets you discover previously unsuspected connections!
  • Proper name recognizer and Wikipedia tagger make it possible: Find-it Names recognizes people, organizations or places in your documents and identifies interrelated names.
  • Explore hidden connections: Find-it Names links documents together with search results and vice versa.

Canoo Find-it Names – documents swiftly organized!

In large organizations it is easy to lose track of the barrage of documents. Canoo Find-it Names quickly creates order in place of chaos.

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With the help of a fully developed proper name recognizer, Find-it Names discovers the names of people, organizations or geographical entities (cities, countries, mountains, rivers, etc.) in your documents. Furthermore it links documents together with the recognized names and vice versa. And it identifies names that are connected with one another. If you use a person database (or CRM system), Find-it Names can furthermore uniquely assign a name found in the documents to a database entry.
There are numerous potential applications for Find-it Names. We would be more than pleased to discuss your individual requirements with you.

Integration options – solutions to meet your exact needs

We cater fully to you and your requirements. You therefore have two options for integrating Find-it Names into your system. Either we can run a Find-it server for you on our hosts (cloud service) or we can set up a Find-it server within your infrastructure (local installation). Whichever option you select, you are assured the accumulated power of Find-it.

  • We host a Find-it server for you in our infrastructure.
  • Backend process (Canoo server):
    • Runs in the background on our server
    • Crawls new content on your website (daily, hourly or by the minute, according to your requirements)
    • Analyses the latest contents and derives new information from these
  • Front-end process (customer website)::
    • You can configure the embedded JavaScript and thus determine when and how results are displayed.
    • Whenever the JavaScript is executed, it sends a request to the back-end.
    • The back-end sends the already available results back to the user’s browser.
  • We set up a Find-it server in your infrastructure.
  • Integration:
    • Find-it constantly performs in the background the required analyses of your structured and unstructured data sources (e.g. CMS/DMS, mail server, CRM, ERP, Wiki, ...).
    • In the process, Find-it analyses new content in the data source and derives new information from this – depending on which Find-it packages are utilized.
    • Analysis results are stored in the Find-it server in centralised, compact structures (database or index).
    • The interactions of your staff with the Find-it-based application access this central structure.
    • Your staff are able to directly access the relevant documents from the analysed data sources via Find-it.

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The Find-it principle: you get exactly what you require and that is all you pay for.