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The Canoo FindIT Search & Analysis Suite offers you a great selection of first-class services and components that you can easily combine into an individual solution according to your needs. Whether a large enterprise search system or less exhaustive website searches, FindIT provides you exactly what you require. And this only brings benefits for you: you obtain a tailor-made solution and only pay for that which you really need.

We do everything we can for your search results. Thanks to the combination of Lucene/Solr together with our high-performance and efficient LanguageTools, our comprehensive dictionary CanooNet and using the accumulated knowledge of the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, Canoo FindIT is able to retrieve the relevant information from all digital sources. It analyses information based on content, thus recognizing facts and relations that have not been expressed literally. Discover the countless opportunities that our packages FindIT Similar, FindIT Names and FindIT Topics offer you.

  • FindIT Similar: finding without searching.
  • Find and combine any given document to other similar documents.
  • High accuracy thanks to the unique combination of Lucene/Solr together with our LanguageTools.
  • Lets you discover previously unsuspected connections!
  • Recognizes in documents the names of people, organizations or places and connects them with one another.
  • Explore hidden connections: FindIT Names links documents together with the recognized names and vice versa.
  • Keep track of your documents: FindIT Topics automatically allocates relevant keywords and a subject category to your documents.
  • The quality of the category/keyword allocation is assured by our sophisticated Wikipedia tagger and our high-performance LanguageTools.
  • Optionally you can use your own category system (taxonomy).
Canoo FindIT far exceeded our expectations. Since the integration of FindIT Similar in our media portal, the number of page hits and the visitors’ duration of visit have significantly increased. At the same time we have been able to completely do away with the editorial linking of articles. But the most important thing is that FindIT Similar is not only significantly quicker than our previous system, but it also delivers considerably more relevant, and hence improved, results on the basis of semantic analysis.
Reinhard Kronenberg, Axel Springer Schweiz AG

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