Find-it for Person Check

Automate and simplify person check processes

For various purposes, companies search the web and other data sources for information about individual persons, for example:

  • Financial institutes search for information about their existing and future customers (KYC, Compliance, Risk etc.).
  • HR departments search the web to gather useful information about applicants beyond CVs.
  • Police detectives search social media and other web sources to gain additional information about suspects, victims, and other persons relevant in an investigation.
  • Companies look for additional background information on their possible business partners (fields of business, membership in organizations, etc.).


Find-it for Person Check automates and simplifies this process significantly, while maintaining a high level of security. The resulting interactive report provides a quick and condensed overview of relevant information on the person and their network of associated people.


  • Powerful multilingual semantic search engine
  • Advanced fuzzy name matching
  • Combined with search terms (including their synonyms and translations)
  • Federated search across multiple data sources
  • Interactive report providing quick insights
  • Queries and results are archived
  • Notification of new results for all past queries


  • Fully automated person search
  • Very good search accuracy
  • Relevant consolidated search results
  • Identifies associated people and entities
  • Eliminates the risk of overlooking vital pieces of information
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Simple workflow