Find-it for Media

Added value for both editors and readers

Find-it for Media is a plugin for existing editorial systems and Web-CMS in publishing companies. Its lightweight interface is easily integrated - yet, it is flexible to support a range of functionalities and workflows. It is preconfigured and can generate value out of the box - at the same time, its many configuration parameters can be tuned to meet specific requirements. The plugin is available as a cloud service (SaaS) and as on-premise installation.

Increase efficiency for editors while maintaining high quality

In combination with Find-it, your existing editorial system provides editors with more efficient research tools:

  1. a more precise search functionality to find existing assets;
  2. relevant background information as you are typing an article (such as related articles or information from knowledge bases); and
  3. automated filters or subscriptions to all incoming agency reports and emails on a specific topic. That way, editorial work can be faster and produce the same quality of articles.

Plus, Find-it for Media helps to avoid duplicate efforts: Its results point editors to existing articles on the same topic as the article they are currently working on. That way, editors will notice early on duplicate articles on the same event – and benefit from research results conducted for previous articles on related events.

Boost user experience and revenues for your news website and news app

Combining Find-it with your existing Web-CMS increases user engagement, conversion rates and ad revenues by means of online topic pages, personalized recommendations, related articles, and in-text links.

Online topic pages are brief online articles on a recurring topic, displaying teasers to all recent articles on this topic. Find-it for Media automatically populates these topic pages and proposes trending topics as candidates for new topic pages. Such topic pages serve as relevant and consistent landing pages for both online readers and search engine bots. This increases user engagement and has positive SEO effects – especially when some of your articles are protected by a paywall.

Personalized recommendations of online articles increase user engagement as online readers will be pointed to content that is likely to match their interests. They may take the form of widgets of article links or even a personalized start page (in addition to your default start page). That way, you effectively increase user engagement, user loyalty, page impressions, and conversion rates. Find-it for Media enables your CMS to support personalized recommendations. Moreover, by connecting your ad server, it can also provide personalized recommendations of online ads, resulting in increased click rates and CPTs – and ultimately in rising online revenues. Much like with Google AdWords, you can control by means of keywords, with which kinds of articles any given ad should be displayed. That way, you close a gap especially for your regional advertisers.