Find-it for Media: Release 2.3

Find-it for Media: Release 2.3

Just released: Find-it for Media 2.3. Please find below some changes you will benefit from:


New and extended functionality

  • Canoo’s demonstration GUI can now be integrated directly into existing editorial systems and CMS backends (optionally). In this view, the text passages for every keyword are marked which makes the results even more transparent.
  • Configuration capabilities for short texts: without semantic keywording components
  • Regional knowledge bases: extended keyword types
  • Numerous improvements in regards of keywording (e.g. in connection with punctuation, compounds, household words and names)
  • Refined capabilities for the definition of online topic pages


Technical improvements

  • Keywords now include additional meta information for improved presentation and distinction in user interfaces of connected systems (editorial system, Web-CMS, archive)
  • Transition to Java 8 and Tomcat 7
  • Small bugfixes

We will make this new version available for all our customer installations within the next few weeks. New customers will benefit immediately from the new features and improvements.


Find-it for Media 3.0 will be released end of 2017

Find-it for Media 3.0 is expected to be released as of November 2017. You will benefit from these changes (among many others):

  • the standard keyword catalogue recognizes even more synonyms
  • the interaction with linked systems will be more flexible
  • significant technical improvements (in particular by the transition to Solr6)