Canoo – more than just Software!

Canoo Engineering AG is a Swiss company with 54 employees. Since 1999 we have been developing web-based business applications for our customers. We therefore understand the requirements and know the challenges that these projects present. This makes us the leading organization in this sector. In addition we offer such unique products as:

  • Canoo Find-it, our semantic enterprise search and analysis system
  • Canoo RIA-Suite, the most efficient developers’ tool for web or cloud applications
  • Canoo Volta, the web-based industry application for electronics companies
Canoo Mikado Bundle

Our developers work for customers from over 40 countries on projects in a great variety of business lines, including semantic search & analysis, development of web applications, Groovy & Grails, usability engineering and refactoring.

The secret of our success is a combination of experience, knowledge and absolute focus on customer needs.

  • Our Usability Engineering Team recognizes requirements and develops application processes and interfaces before the first line of code has even been written.
  • Our developers’ agile processes allow customers at any time to see the direction in which the application is developing.
  • Automated test processes decrease development costs, increase quality and enable the seamless integration of enhancements.
  • Our twelve years of experience make us one of the leading businesses in the industry. The use of our own products bolsters our expertise and provides us with impressive results.

Find out more about what Canoo can do for you on our company website.