Software for search precision and intelligent text analysis – the Find-it Search & Analysis Suite.

Canoo Find-it
FindtIT Similar
Discover rather than search! Find-it Similar shows you similar documents to any given document – quickly, reliably and precisely.
FindtIT Names
Find-it Names tracks down unsuspected connections. It discovers and links up the names of people, organizations or places in your documents.
FindtIT Topics
Find-it Topics creates order in your documents. It allocates keywords and subject categories to documents – completely automatically and extremely reliably.
  • Precise search functionality
  • Semantic tagging
  • Cost-effective package solutions
  • Easy to integrate
  • Also available as a cloud service

Latest News

Canoo Find-it far exceeded our expectations. Since the integration of Find-it Similar in our media portal, the number of page hits and the visitors’ duration of visit have significantly increased. At the same time we have been able to completely do away with the editorial linking of articles. But the most important thing is that Find-it Similar is not only significantly quicker than our previous system, but it also delivers considerably more relevant, and hence improved, results on the basis of semantic analysis.
Reinhard Kronenberg, Axel Springer Schweiz AG

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